Dream Catcher


Since I started working with Kim Andrews, I have grown in leaps and bounds! She is very insightful, resourceful and compassionate. She encourages and assists me in reaching goals I hitherto thought impossible for me. I once dreaded change but Kim helped me revolutionize my attitude toward this fact of life. I now welcome and celebrate change in my world and I look forward to the amazing changes sure to come. Kim believes in me even when I don’t; she motivates, supports, and guides me as I build a brilliant and bright future for myself. Since working with Kim, I have achieved 4 years of sobriety, gone back to school, repaired relationships, and experienced a fulfillment and a peace of mind once quite unknown to me. Previously stuck in a state of negativity, anxiety, anger and despair, I have finally emerged excited about my life and confident in my ability to live it! Kim has been integral to my successes. So it is with great zeal that I recommend the services of Kim Andrews. -JG

I have been meeting with Dr. Andrews for several months now.  She is extremely easy to talk to and made feel instantly comfortable.... I appreciate her keeping me on track, and not letting me avoid the harder feelings I am struggling with... Yet she has a genuine and sincere approach -  and allows me to self discover and process those thoughts on my own timetable. -JK


Kim is a wonderful coach! I always find my time speaking with Kim helpful in that I can clarify my thoughts, priorities and am able to set goals to get me where I need to be. She is patient, understanding and has a truly open and non-judgemental style. I feel comfortable talking to her about anything and know I will feel better as a result. -AR

Dr. Kim Andrews has been amazing for me over the past 5+ years.  She has been understanding. Dr. Andrews has empowered me with the ability to see within myself, to listen to myself, to trust myself and to be confident with the decisions that I make.  Without her gentle understanding, coaxing, and firmness on me being truthful to myself, I would not have evolved into who I am today.   -JS

dream catcher