I Decided on a Niche – Lifestyle Medicine

I Decided on a Niche – Lifestyle Medicine

It has been a couple of years (time flys) since I left my full time job and started my own business, and it has been quite a journey. There have been many twists and turns throughout this time. There were many times when I was feeling overwhelmed with all that I had to learn and do. Sometimes I would think “maybe I should go back to a regular job”, of course I would quickly change my mind and continue moving forward. Throughout this process the one area that I have really struggled with is NICHE, “what is my niche?”

I heard about having a niche in coaching school a lot, in Gabby Bernsteins’ Masterclass, and from my own coaches. In the coaching world people constantly talk about niche. They either think you have to have a niche, and usually a specific one or they tell you “don’t worry about a niche, it will find you”.  My issues have been that I could not niche down or I didn’t know what my niche was called.

I have been talking about all the lifestyle changes that I have made in the last few years and the positive impact it has had on my physical and mental health. I wanted to share this with others and help them to realize that making lifestyle changes works. I want people to know that they can be their own healers, and I want them to learn to trust themselves. I just did not know what it was called but I want to tell you I have found it and it is called Lifestyle Medicine. I am so excited about this because it means there is research going on that shows exactly what I have experienced. The foods that we eat, the self care products we use, how much sleep we get, how much we exercise and other lifestyle choices all have an effect on us physically and mentally. I am probably stating the obvious to you but really how often do you make lifestyle choices that are more about convenience than health? Believe me I know we all do it, but the more you can learn the better choices you can make for yourself and your family.

I have learned and will continue to learn about lifestyle choices and how we are impacted by our choices. I am starting a blog series next week on the Chakra System which is a yogic energy system that affects all aspects of living. I hope you will find it interesting. Until then stay safe!

 Dr. Kim

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