What are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are a tool that can be used for introspection and a way to tap into a knowing that is not about intelligence or logic. Oracle and tarot cards have been used for millennia to communicate directly with Source, the Universe, God, Goddess, the Universe, Infinite Intelligence……..

They’re a method of knowing that speaks in metaphors and imagery, this allows you to bypass the logical, analyzing part of your brain and activate your deeper inner knowing or intuition. The cards allow you to draw directly into your own inner wisdom. At any time whether you want clarity about your life, or a way to see what’s going on beneath the surface, the cards can give you the in-depth information you need. They can show you aspects of yourself and your life so that you can better understand the map of your life, redirect your course if necessary—and wisely move forward. 

Oracle Card


Of course Oracle cards are a form of entertainment and you have free will to make decisions for yourself, this is just a way to tap into yourself. Using oracle cards is all about energy, opening up to the messages not getting an absolute answer. 

By agreeing to a Oracle card session with Kim Andrews, it is accepted by both myself and the client that these sessions are in no way replacements for licensed mental, legal, or medical support. These card readings are considered energy healing and/or intuitive reading. If you are in need of mental or medical care, please do contact an appropriate professional in said field.

Kim Andrews does not guarantee results, nor do I accept any responsibility for the outcome or results of these sessions.


30 minute reading for $40.00


60 minute reading for $75.00

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“Oracle card readings allow you to receive messages, healing, and guidance on the questions that matter most to you.”

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