Self Love and Self Care

Self Love and Self Care

These days we hear a lot about self love and self care, but how do we start to have or reestablish a loving relationship with ourselves?

This begins by having acceptance of ourselves, our bodies, our life situations and who we are in this very moment. Change happens when we are able to accept reality and stop struggling with thinking things should be different. Once we accept ourselves we can start to make genuine changes out of love for ourselves and not because we believe we have to change in order to be accepted.

Do you know what you value about yourself?

Be true to yourself, value and accept yourself, and I know this can be difficult. Remember we are all different and unique. Other people and society have fed us ideas of what we should be like, look like and act like. Focus on your own loving beliefs and values and create a life that you believe is the best for you.

Change can happen from a place of love for ourselves.

Once we have established acceptance of ourselves we can start to care and love ourselves. This is when we can make changes in our lives based on self-compassion and not self-loathing. Start by saying kind words to yourself just as you would to someone you truly love. You will start a loving relationship with yourself, which is the most important relationship you can have.

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