Stressed Out After the Holidays?

Stressed Out After the Holidays?

Here I am in the middle of January 2020. The holidays have passed and many people are excited about the new year and the hope that it brings. This is all wonderful but for some of us the post holiday time can be even more stressful and possibly depressing than during the holidays. Do you feel stressed out? Believe me you are not alone. So regardless of what may be causing you to feel stressed out it can really effect your mental state, and actually it can lead to depression.

When you live day after day with high levels of stress it causes changes in your brain primarily the way you think which in turn changes the way you act. Another thing to be aware of is the behaviors you engage in to manage your stress. Feeling stressed out is often caused by feeling overwhelmed or under pressure.  I believe the term “stressed out” is used to really say that we’re struggling to cope with difficult emotions such as fear, sadness or anger. So how can you tell if you’re stressed out or are suffering from depression? Basically the answer lies in the severity and the duration of your symptoms. Managing your stress is the best thing you can do to prevent depression and taking small steps is essential.

I know for myself the beginning of the new year is filled with ideas about what I want to manifest and create in the coming year. I feel hopeful and motivated but sometimes it is really difficult to keep it all going. The past week was one of those times. I could feel my motivation dwindling and my ego telling me all the negative stuff which I believed. I felt stressed out holding on to an urgency to get things done that only made it all feel even worse. I finally realized I had to re-evaluate how I was thinking and change my mindset. I had to make some small changes to what I was telling myself such as “I have so many things I have to do …” into “ I have a couple of things I would like to do”.  I know the difference this small shift makes, I go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered.

I had to stop eating sugar and especially chocolate even small amounts. Over the holidays I got into the habit of eating sweets almost daily this effects my moods, my energy and my ability to think clearly. Lastly I realized I had to get back into the daily morning routine that I have of using essential oils, meditating, journaling, and using affirmations. It is amazing what a difference I feel when I start my day out positively. I feel so much better using my spiritual practices. 

After just a few days I could feel my energy shift and my mood started to lift and be more positive.

I would love to hear from you, what are some of the ways that you deal with post holiday stress? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

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