The Chakras: Your Energy System

The Chakras: Your Energy System

Over the last couple of months, like most of you I have found myself with more time on my hands. I decided to use some of that time and focus my attention on the Chakra system. Not just reading about it but actually applying what I learned in my daily life. Everything has been a little more challenging since Covid-19 started and I felt that additional energetic support would be helpful. So I am sharing what I have learned with you and hope you find something helpful as well.

“Everything in life is energy-and the chakras are about energy” I remember the first time I heard this years ago, I was completely fascinated by this idea. Fast forward to a few months ago I decided I wanted to spend time really understanding what it meant.

What are the Chakras?

The chakras are energy centers through which universal energy flows. Everything within us and in our world is connected to this universal energy source.

Chakras are centers of 
activity for the reception, assimilation, and   transmission of life energies”-Anodea Judith

The primary chakra system consists of seven centers or wheels of energy. They are located along our spine from the base to over our heads or the crown, each one focuses on a different aspect of life. Each of these wheels spin at different speeds with the Root or first chakra being the slowest and the crown or seventh chakra being the fastest. Each of the chakras has a specific color associated with it. The colors of the seven chakras are red starting at the root, orange at the sacral chakra, yellow at the solar plexus chakra, green at the heart chakra, lighter blue at the throat chakra, darker blue at the Third eye chakra (the space in between your eyebrows) and violet or white at the crown of the head chakra. Each chakra also has individual qualities such as physical conditions, energy levels, diseases, consciousness all relating to different aspects of life.

Having our chakras balanced contributes and promotes our sense of well being. They receive, store, and express energy as you interact with the Universal source of energy. When there are imbalances in our chakras you may have unpleasant experiences and it can lead to physical or emotional problems. This is caused by blocks or restrictions to energy and can result in a misfunction leading to lack of energy, emotional imbalance and even diseases. I believe that these malfunctions also happen because of traumas and life experiences.

I like to think of the chakras as both an actual physical area in the body and also a metaphor for how consciousness works in the body. We all have an inner self or an inner world and often we deny our experiences because of our feelings or because we can not prove something. Learning to trust ourselves and our experiences is so important to create genuine self esteem and confidence. Using the chakras is one way of learning the subtleties of consciousness and a guide to help you understand your physical and inner self.  The system provides a model for you to identify what type of energy you are feeling which helps you decide how you want to use this energy.

This is a simple overview of the chakras and each week I will be writing about the seven individual chakras. I hope this has sparked your interest to get curious about the chakra system. If you found this helpful or want more information please let me know in the comments below.


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