The Fourth Chakra – Anahata

The Fourth Chakra – Anahata

The fourth chakra often called the heart chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit, which means “unstruck.”, is the central point of the chakra system. This chakra is located in the center of the chest, not exactly where our heart is located but more in the center of the chest and it is the 4th chakra counting from the bottom of the spine in the traditional 7 chakra system. The first three chakras are known as worldly chakras focused on desires and actions. The fourth chakra is the starting point to transcend the ego and embrace the spiritual realms. The fourth chakra is the connection of the lower and upper chakras.  The heart chakra acts as a center of integration regarding earthly matters and spiritual aspirations. The experience of the heart integrates them easily and harmoniously. The heart chakra is the center of love, it brings to us compassion and beauty, we experience transformation and integration.

The love we experience through the heart chakra is very different from the passionate and sexual love of the second chakra. The focus here is on being love, on giving and receiving and how we are able to do this in our relationships. Love is the energy necessary in any relationship, whether it is towards oneself or towards others.  This chakra is not dependent on an object, it is a love that is felt towards everything that we encounter. This love is not something based on need or desire, it is felt within ourselves as a state of just being. It is an acceptance of ourselves with a deep sense of peace and contentment,  a quality radiating from within. This love from the heart is constant and unwavering which is different from the flucuating passion that is associated with the second chakra. The heart may reach out towards others but it does not leave its own center which is what gives it the enduring quality.

This type of love goes beyond the limiting ego and personal needs. It allows us to open up to compassion and acceptance of life, as it is. When we live from our heart we are balanced, and we are able to manage situations, no matter how challenging with discernment and compassion. The heart chakra allows us to experience the beauty in life. We are able to see the world through a state of openness and acceptance without judging and limiting our experiences. There is a tremendous sense of tranquility and calm associated with living your life through the heart, harmony is a norm and not a rarity. You are less interested in the issues that cause discord and more interested in experiencing joy itself.

When the heart chakra becomes imbalanced you may experience a strong emotional charge, physical ailments, or significant changes in your environment. It may manifest as codependency, relying on others approval and trying to please others, or you can be overly defensive with a fear of intimacy. Some of the other signs of imbalance in the heart chakra are: putting yourself in the role of the rescuer or being the victim, being aloof, reclusive and closed down, or holding on to grudges and not being able to forgive.  There are also physical imbalances that show up as respiratory problems, such as bronchitis or lung infections, circulatory or heart related problems.

When your heart chakra is balanced you naturally want to help others and people feel a sense of peace and calm in your presence. You create safe and supportive surroundings for yourself and others. Often people who are able to sustain this know their purpose in life, they are living from the awakened Heart Chakra.

Tips for Awakening the Fourth Chakra

If you are trying to resolve a conflict with someone this is the chakra to focus on. You may need to center yourself and think about all that you are grateful for, count your blessings. Once you are  feeling a sense of compassion try to bring forth the person’s image in your mind continuing to feel the compassion and empathy towards them as another human being.

You may want to cultivate and acknowledge the beauty that is present in nature, the arts, people whatever you find beautiful.

Practicing self care and self love is a great way to open the heart chakra, eating healthy foods, resting your body when necessary, using non-toxic body care and essential oils.

Trying to be kinder to yourself, cultivating self-compassion and focusing on your emotional wellbeing.

Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you to feel happy.

Do some inner reflection and come to terms with old wounds, seeking therapy if necessary to deal with the feelings, practice forgiveness when you are able.

And lastly express your gratitude, be grateful for your life and all that you have to feel grateful for on a daily basis. You can do this in silence or write a gratitude list acknowledging the things you value that make your life happier. Sometimes this may be a difficult experience or situation that makes you a stronger person.

Color – Green or Pink

Crystals – Emerald, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz

Element – Air

Herbs associate with the 4th Chakra – Lavender, Jasmine, Yarrow, Marjoram, and Meadowsweet   

       I hope you have found this helpful and that you will have a better understanding of the fourth chakra. Please contact me if you have any questions and as always please feel free to leave me a comment.


























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