The Sacral Chakra – Svadhishthana

The Sacral Chakra – Svadhishthana

The sacral chakra or “svadhishthana” is the second chakra. The word ‘Svadhisthana‘ is derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘Swa’ meaning, one’s own and ‘Adhisthana’ meaning abode or seat, literally meaning ‘one’s own abode’ or can be translated as “the dwelling place of the self”. The chakra is located a few inches below the navel, at the center of your lower belly. In the back, it is level with the lumbar vertebrae.

While the Root Chakra is about survival, the sacral chakra is about pleasure and enjoyment. The energy of this chakra relates to experiencing our lives through feelings, emotion, pleasure, creativity, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. The second chakra is centered on personal identity in the outer world and how to respond to the tempting forces of the physical world. Passion is often thought of as the fuel of creative energy. Everything you may create begins with the energy of second chakra. This is also where your sexuality and fertility originates.

The sacral chakra grasps for whatever brings pleasure, often during our pursuit of pleasure we can lose our awareness of what is enough. This may cause habit forming behaviors that start out as being pleasurable and can end up being over indulgence without a sense of fulfillment. We become very attached to our pleasures and fear the loss which leads to unbalance and addiction. Imbalance in the sacral chakra can develop as low confidence, lack of motivation, inability to create intimate connections with others, lack of interest in self expression or artistic abilities, infertility, urinary problems, sexual difficulties such as giving birth, and low libido. When we have a balanced second chakra we are able to take risks and have the resilience to handle situations when things go wrong.

Another area associated with this chakra is anxiety regarding attractiveness. This is often compounded by societal norms that have a rigid standard for what is attractive. We can often see this in social media and the extent to which people will go to look attractive. Appreciation and self assurance are signs of balance in this chakra, instead of focusing on what is lacking you focus on what is potential and available. Conciousness focuses on whatever is being experienced and the feeling of appreciation is felt. This allows for satisfation and balance in the sacral chakra.

Here are some tips for balancing this chakra:

If you are feeling like you need to try some conscious pleasure you can do something that involves your senses such taking a warm bath feeling the water on your skin, use some fragrant bath salts or essential oils, light some candles and listen to you favorite music. Allow yourself to relax and be in the pleasure of the moment.

Use meditation to let go of physical beauty and start to cultivate inner beauty.

Look around you and consciously notice the beauty this can be in nature, looking a pictures, books whatever you find beautiful.

Colors- orange

Crystals and gemstones – carnelian, amber, fire opal, coral

Element – water

I hope you have found this helpful and that you will have a better understanding of the second chakra. Please contact me if you have any questions and as always please feel free to leave me a comment.



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