The Third Chakra – Manipura

The Third Chakra – Manipura

What is this life flowing in our bodies like fire? What is it?

Life is like a hot iron. Ready to pour. Choose the mold and life will burn it.



We are at the third chakra which is called Manipura, the word manipura comes from the Sanskrit words mani, which means ‘pearl’ or ‘jewel’, and pūra, which means ‘place’ or ‘city’. So it is the city of jewels or often called the “lustrous gem”, that glows brightly like the sun.  It is located about two inches below the rib cage in the center of the body behind the stomach. This chakra corresponds with the element of fire and it is the center of our personal power, the place of the ego, impulses, and strength. It governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and has the power of transformation.

Have you ever been in a situation that just didn’t feel right?

Where did you feel those cues in your body? Would you say you had a “gut feeling” or “butterflies in your stomach”?

This feeling comes from the seat of your personal power, your solar plexus; the manipura chakra.

The third chakra allows you to express your power in the world. This is the seat of your willpower and gives you the ability to ignite your will into action. Through this chakra you perceive life with a sense of boundaries and free will. It gives you the perspective of choice to act or not to act in lifes situations, especially when you are asked to stand up for your truth in your life. Given the recent events in the past few months this is the chakra we are drawing our power from to stand up for the injustice in our society and the world. The third chakra is where you respond to lifes tests that require courage. What are you willing to stand up for????

Decernment is brought into perspective through this chakra, you must know yourself enough to know what is important to you. Knowing how to decern what principles are valuable to you, and knowing how to pick your battles wisely. Along with discernment is the development of self control. We are constantly learning when enough is enough and when to say no which is part of self control. This is what is often termed the right use of will.

An overactive imbalance in the solar plexus chakra shows up as competition and conflict which seems to dominate your life. You see life as a series of challenges or tests, which can lead to a ruthlessly strong ambition. Our sense of personal power starts to become power over other people. Our energy may manifest as arrognant and we have the need to control and micromanage. Another type of imbalance is seen when our personal power is taken away from us and we may have a depleted solar plexus chakra. This can be seen as indecisiveness, insecurity, lack of confidence, confusion, worrying about what others will think, and feeling a lack of control in your life. When your third chakra is balanced, you feel cheerful, outgoing, you have a sense of self respect and wisdom. You are able to make decisions feeling motivated; with purpose and confidence. From a balanced third chakra you feel effective, purposeful and secure in life. The energy of the manipura chakra propels us to move forward taking action toward fulfilling our dreams and goals.

The level of consciousness the third chakra offers is personal power and using that power effectively. It is characterized by the discerning mind being involved,  along with the physical action necessary to make something happen. A sense of clarity comes into your life when you are able to sustain this level of consciousness which helps to keep confusion to a minimum. Clarity in your intentions helps you become so clear that you are not threatened by opposing views and you are able to be extrememly effective.

Tips for Awakening Your THIRD chakra

When you are feeling indecisive, meditate and focus on activing and balancing the third chakra. Then trust what comes to you and make your decisions.

Using the third chakra during disagreements and conflicts can be done by consciously breathing deeply into your center, envisioning the the bright glowing third chakra. Continue to breath deeply and move away from reacting, get grounded from your center to proceed with your discussion.

When your mind is over active and continuing to play the same stories over and over use the third chakra to prevent you from getting hooked by them. Those old stories are mental patterns that ususally dont lead to any solutions they just repeat over and over draining your energy. Use the energy of the third chakra to focus your intent so you don’t engage in this pointless use of your energy.

Lastly, when you feel overwhelmed and out of control activate yout third chakra. Usually the feeling of being overwhelmed comes from the illusion that everything is happening at once. Use this chakra to bring you back to the moment and break things down to a series of one thing at a time to actually get things done.

Colors – Yellow

Crystals – Amber, Yellow tourmaline, citrine and topaz

Element – Fire

I hope you have found this helpful and that you will have a better understanding of the third chakra. Please contact me if you have any questions and as always please feel free to leave me a comment.


















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