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Changing how we live our lives can be difficult, it requires us to take risks. Most of us have to face our fears to create an authentic life that we truly want to have. Life continues to happen, change is a constant occurrence and how you show up is what will make the difference. This where I can be of service to guide you to reach your goals.


I believe that meaningful change comes from within each individual. Creating a life that is defined by you is what will bring you a sense of fulfillment and purpose. I believe that you deserve to experience a richer, and fuller life by creating the the life of your choosing. I believe that you know what is best for you although you may need help to access those answers.


I can help you to connect to your purpose, and increase your passion for life to bring you personal fulfillment.

Working with me will provide you with a partnership, which will build your confidence. Fear, anxiety, and sadness can prevent us from moving forward to reach our full potential. I have years of education and expertise to assist you in breaking through the limiting thinking that prevents you from having a joy filled life. I also have my life experience that includes years of depression and sadness but is now a life that is filled with happiness and peace. Our sessions will give you the tools to start living your life with purpose.


Every choice that you make is what creates your life, this is where your power lies. The choices that you make are what matters, remember your purpose plus your passion will bring you personal power.


Americans have spent 2.1 billion dollars on anti-anxiety and sleep medication, 12.1 billion on anti-depression medication, 11% of Americans over 12 years old are taking an anti-depressant. (National Center for Health Studies)


I can tell you that medication is not the only answer. I know this because I have experienced this myself.