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mental, emotional and physical self with your soul’s truth creating a life of intention, purpose, and JOY. Are you living your life based on an old story that keeps you stuck? Are you struggling to get clear on WHAT is your soul’s truth? Do you often think to yourself that there has to be a better way for me to live MY life?


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SOUL ALIGNMENT Counseling and Life Coaching

For True Wellness & Deep Healing  

Soul Alignment is about living an embodied life with integrity at the core. It is when you feel that your physical, mental, and emotional essence are aligned with your spiritual self; your souls’ truth. When you are aligned you feel whole and integrated, you trust yourself to make decisions and choices that feel good for you. You find meaning and purpose in life, you are able to bring freedom and vitality to how you live, you experience the flow of life.



Working with me will provide you with a partnership. Changing how we live our lives can be difficult; it requires us to take risks and having a partner that supports you makes it more doable. Most of us have to face our fears to create an authentic life that we truly want. Life continues to happen, change is a constant occurrence, and how you show up is what will make the difference. This is where I can be of service in guiding you to reach your goals.

She has been understanding. Dr. Andrews has empowered me with the ability to see within myself, connect and listen to myself, to trust myself and to be confident with the decisions that I make. Without her gentle understanding, coaxing, and firmness on me being truthful to myself, I would not have evolved into who I am today.


"Dr. Andrews has


 I always find my time speaking with Kim helpful in that I can clarify my thoughts, priorities and am able to set goals to get me where I need to be. She is patient, understanding and has a truly open and non-judgmental style. I feel comfortable talking to her about anything and know I will feel better as a result.


"Kim is a 


I have been meeting with Dr. Andrews for several months now. She is extremely easy to talk to and made feel instantly comfortable.... I appreciate her keeping me on track, and not letting me avoid the harder feelings I am struggling with... Yet she has a genuine and sincere approach - and allows me to self discover and process those thoughts on my own timetable.

genuine & sincere approach"

"She has a


 I could ever ask to have in my life. She’s been working with me for over a year, the results I have seen in my life have made such a difference. I am more confident, patient, forgiving, understanding, I push my self harder than I ever have in my life. We’ve touched on so much; spirituality, my career, my relationships with myself and others. I look at where I was and where I’m now and it’s incredible. Im looking forward to what this year is going to bring. 

most amazing coach

"Dr Kim Andrews is the

Justin Davis

support and guidance for me while exploring potential life changes, starting a new venture or just understanding myself better to be the best ME going forward where ever my life takes me. She helped me to realize the importance of self care, to realize that it is ok to evaluate a situation, and change your mind…. this applies not only to myself, but also to how I understand others. She also helped me to realize that its ok to feel what I feel, but not let it dominate my life in a negative way. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kim. 


"Kim was a genuine


Working with Dr. Kim has helped me to learn and practice staying in the present. I’ve learned how to ground myself. I am able to deal with things better my anxiety has improved significantly. I feel more confident in social gatherings and with socializing in general. I’ve Improved so much mentally. 


"I've improved so


"Please always remember that you made a difference in our family….You do good things for people. We’re truly all works in progress, you’ve taught me so much.”

Dr. Kim!

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