WHAT IS counseling with a COACHING STYLE?

This is a wonderful question that I am often asked. SO Life coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from counseling. The coaching process addresses specific personal goals and transitions in the client’s life, relationships or profession by identifying what is going on right now, discovering what the obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to create the life you want. In other words, to help you make the most out of your life. 
Life coaching is action driven with the power of positive thinking, helping you to decrease negative thinking, and develop your individual strengths. You can work on recognizing what you really want, and what prevents you from accomplishing goals.


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Soul Alignment counseling allows you to align the true essence of who you are in all aspects of your life. You will explore and uncover the true you. Once you get clear on your essence and purpose, you can decide to live from intention and your life will change. This type of work will identify what is psychologically impacting you and keeping you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you. These patterns can stem from childhood or past experiences, life changing events, or just realizing that you want to change how you live your life. Soul Alignment counseling will address what gives your life meaning and what makes you feel joyful. We will work on building your confidence and empowering you to make positive changes in your life. You will be supported as you move forward building the life you desire. You become aware of your deeper purpose, and I support you to stay on track as you move forward toward your goals. I work with clients for a minimum of three months. I have found that to see integration and embodiment of a change, a minimum of three months is necessary. It takes 21 days for a habit to be changed and it is great to have support during that time. Being FULLY supported throughout the    process is priceless and this is what is missing from more traditional psychotherapy services. 
When you are in alignment the true authentic you is present. Envision how amazing your life could be when you are living a life designed by you based on your own values and beliefs. You will wake up each day feeling inspired and empowered because you recognize that your soul has a truth, a reason for you being alive, a purpose. Soul ALignment psychotherapy can provide transformation to you, and get you started to live your soul’s true calling. You can understand the WHY for whatever you are doing, be more engaged in life, and find joy in living your life.


core energy


The Core Energy Coaching process was created by Bruce D. Schneider using a variety of fields including consulting, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, mentoring, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, NLP, emotional intelligence and leadership development. The relationship between a client and psychotherapist is an alliance that allows clients to thrive in the midst of change instead of just making it through. The focus is on what a client “really” wants in life, identifying the energetic blocks that hold them back from having success that is defined by them. 



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