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Who knows that I am the designer of my life, regardless of anything that has happened to me. I see life as an opportunity to discover who you truly are under all of the layers of limitation and conditioning. I want to support and guide you to learn how to live from a place of love for yourself and others, to share your authentic self with the world. I truly believe in the energy and magic of spirit. I understand the power of tapping into the Universal guidance for clear aligned intention.


my story


dr kim 

I struggled with depression for most of my life starting in early adolescence. So like many of you my story has many ups and downs. I was told by professionals that medication was necessary. I do believe there was a time when it was helpful, but it was never the answer. For many years I was going through the motions of life without much joy. I did a good job pretending that I was happy but on the inside I was often miserable. I spent years in search of something or someone to make me feel differently. I was always interested in human beings, different cultures and psychology, so I studied anthropology and rehabilitation counseling before getting my PhD in psychology. Over the years everything I thought I knew and had learned about mental health, especially what would improve it, was not working for me.

FINALLY I decided that there had to be another better way.
I know what it is like to struggle with not believing in yourself, having low motivation and FEAR. I understand it, because I was there. But I am here to tell you that you can have a different life, a life that is fulfilling, a life that you feel aligned with. You learn to trust yourself and make decisions for yourself based on your own beliefs. You can learn to search within yourself for the answers instead of looking externally for someone or something to make you happy. Today I am medication free and leading the life of my dreams. I am building a business that is innovative and authentic to what I believe works. I am combining my knowledge of spirituality, metaphysics and psychological principles with the action of coaching. Looking back on my life I see that my experiences have brought me to this point and led me to do what I love to do – helping women to create lives with purpose and meaning that bring them joy.

At a young age I started on my spiritual quest. I was the child who loved to go to church and Sunday school until I started asking too many questions that no one wanted me to ask. I was seeking answers to my existential questions. In high school I was introduced to yoga and meditation, which I have practiced throughout my life. I deeply believe that my practice of yoga and meditation has provided me with the ability to align with my higher self. All my life I have traveled the world learning about different cultures, religions and spiritual practices. 
Over the years during meditations I would ask for guidance to help me learn and to step out of my comfort zone. That guidance came in the form of teachers, coaches, psychotherapists, books, traveling, and relationships. I realized that I was the only person who was going to change my life. I had to make many modifications to my lifestyle; including changing my diet, reducing stress, ending toxic relationships, stop blaming others for my problems, maintaining boundaries, exercising regularly, recognizing my limiting beliefs, getting toxic self care products out of my life, using essential oils and flower essences, and realizing my own purpose for my life to truly improve.
Through my own spiritual journey I learned about energy and how to access the quantum field of infinite possibilities. I learned that I am able to transform myself. The reality bubble I had been taught burst, and as a result, my entire life changed


my spiritual journey

Over the years I discovered that I am truly a co-creator of my own reality. I realized I had to take full responsibility for everything that was happening in my life and stop blaming others for my challenges and struggles.

I started acknowledging the blessings and the opportunities for growth in everything, even the painful events. This is what caused me to leave the limitations of traditional psychotherapy behind, to acknowledge my beliefs in spiritual principles and to start my own business.
I feel very passionate about working with women who want sovereignty of their lives, who want to trust themselves, who realize that something is missing in their lives. Women who want to be aligned with their soul and feel whole, so they can fulfill their purpose here on earth. Women who are tired of accepting that feeling anxious and depressed is just part of life.

Women who want to choose wonder over worry and love over fear. Women who want support in learning to heal from their past so they can align their life with their soul purpose.



I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Connecticut, my Master’s Degree from San Francisco State University, and completed my doctoral work at Saybrook University in San Francisco, California.
I have studied yoga for many years and completed a 200-hour Embody Yoga teacher training. I completed the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) program. 

I studied Buddhist psychology and philosophy which I practice regularly and find very helpful in taking care of my mental health.
I completed Gabrielle Bernstein’s Masterclass Levels 1 and 2. I have studied spirituality – especially Eastern philosophies for many years. YES, I am a life long learner. 


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dr. kim andrews

“Every choice that you make is what creates your life,
this is where your power lies.”

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