Are You Feeling That Life Is Happening Without you?

What would it take to make you happy?

Have you tried traditional psychotherapy and medications without the results you desired?

Are you searching for “things” to make you feel better? 

Does your cup seem half empty instead of half full?

Are you over tired, stress out and feeling anxious?

From the outside your life looks great but you are still unhappy on the inside?

Are you looking to awaken your intuition and ditch the self doubt?


working with me


with me

I understand where you are because I have been there myself. I get it, I spent many years searching for happiness in relationships, in over consuming, in exercise , always thinking something outside myself was going to make me happy. 

Finally I realized that what I thought would make me happy did not. The biggest realization was that it is within me to create happiness for myself, happiness comes from within.

What if you could experience happiness from the inside out? 

Things changed for me when I started to change HOW I lived my life. I started to slow down, focused on myself and did some deep soul searching. Each day the choice is there, to choose love or to escape into fear. 

This is why I have brought all of my education and life experiences together to bring you my unique coaching programs. 



My approach is unique and respects each individual’s specific growth and healing process. I help people overcome limiting conditioning from childhood and societal influences, eliminating limiting beliefs systems, so you can rewrite empowering new ones. 

I offer high level, leading-edge one on one coaching. To truly create deep transformation I only work with four women, individually at a time.

I provide a supportive setting in which you can explore the soul level issues that impact how you are living your life— emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

I am here to guide you through each of the four areas, and encourage you to take the necessary steps to live in alignment.

To feel more connected to your true self, meaning you feel whole, content, knowing you are living the life you are meant to be living. Really love yourself and feel confident that you can care for yourself, with energy and vibrancy.


Imagine How It

“Clarity plus Passion creates Purpose: Create a life you love.”

Discover what truly fulfills you and transform your daily life to be more joyful.

Be excited and inspired with a sense of curiosity for what each day brings to you.

Develop your spiritual connection and start co-creating with the Universe, to create a life that you want to live with hope and excitement about the future.

Be more confident with yourself, have clarity and courage to deal with lifes’ difficulties.

Go from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed with low energy to inspired, hopeful, and optimistic.

Overcome the past and finally become happy because you are living a life that is create by you.

Be in LOVE with life and yourself.

It is time to ditch the limiting beliefs holding you back from living your best life!

Explore what soul alignment looks like for you.

Get clarity on what changes you want to make to live in alignment and with purpose.

You will get clear on what is keeping you stuck in the negative thought patterns and gain a clear vision of what you want in your life.

You will be taking action with a plan that you and I create. Your plan of action will keep you focused on where you want to go and what you want to create for yourself. 

You will get personalized work to do between sessions based on what areas of your life you decide to change.

There are a total of eight, every other week, one and a half hour sessions in this program, Email and Voxer support if needed.



4 month program

I am also offering custom designed one on one packages. This means that you decide how many sessions you want a month and you are billed accordingly each month. 


Exploring and defining your values. 

Assessing where you are in relation to your core values.

Processing the limiting beliefs that are
holding you back.

Learning new skills to grow and enhancing your mind
for overall well-being.

Learning the tools necessary for you to apply throughout 
your life on your own.

Putting the power of your life where it belongs: in your
 own hands.

dr. kim andrews

“I believe that you deserve to experience a richer,
fuller life by aligning to your true self”

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