Free Four Month Coaching
Give Away

As a celebration of my new Soul Alignment Coaching business I am giving away a four month coaching program for free.

This four month coaching program is 


If you want to feel more empowered to live YOUR life.

If you want increased energy, joy and freedom in your life.

If you are ready to dive deep and do what is necessary to change. 



If you want to learn how to make necessary changes and align with your soul’s purpose but need help coming up with a plan and you want one-on-one accountability that promotes transformation.

If you have tried traditional therapy and/or medications without the results you desired.

This is a holistic approach that will change how you live your life. We will work together, using my unique method of combining psychological techniques to address emotional blocks and coaching techniques to move you forward.


Some of The Results

2 Simple steps to enter the Give Away

Getting clear on what changes you want to make to live in alignment and with purpose.

Exploring and defining your values. 

Assessing where you are in relation to your core values.

You will get clear on what is keeping you stuck in the negative thought patterns and gain a clear vision of what you want in your life.

Processing the limiting beliefs that are
 holding you back.

You will be taking action with a plan that you and I create.

Your plan of action will keep you focused on where you want to go and what you want to create for yourself. 

Learning new skills to grow and enhancing your mind 
for overall well-being.

Learning the tools necessary for you to apply throughout 
your life on your own.

Putting the power of your life where it belongs: in your
 own hands.

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dr. kim andrews

Thank you for being a part of the give away, I will be in touch by email to announce the winner. 


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